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Sigma R17 Review By I Like To Make Stuff

Bob, the man behind the I Like To Make Stuff YouTube channel, recently uploaded a review of the BCN3D Sigma R17. This printer features a unique independent dual-carriage system to handle dual extrusion. Let’s break down the pros and cons from Bob’s review. Pros The machine comes fully assembled and packaged really well Includes a nice capacitive¬†touchscreen that is very responsive The screen is very useful for leveling the bed, it shows you which screw to turn and how much to turn it The SD card comes with single and dual extrusion models sliced and ready to print Marvin sample prints came out great for both single and dual extrusion tests $1,000 cheaper than Ultimaker 3 Cons Bob couldn’t seem to get his prints to stick to the glass build platform (I would recommend tryin...

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