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Building The Big 3D Printer With Ivan Miranda

What is better than a large platform 3D printer? A large platform 3D printer that is custom designed with build videos and design files to go along with it. Ivan Miranda has a Youtube channel where he shares his amazing 3D printing designs and builds. His latest venture and attention seeker is his custom big 3d printer that he designed in AutoDesk Fusion 360. The final print volume is expected to be 265 mm x 500 mm x 310 mm. Ivan isn’t afraid to show his mistakes and follows up with his improvements. Having a great design is one thing, but creating content that is enjoyable to watch is the hard part. The combination of Ivan’s interesting accent and his great cinematography skills makes all of his videos easy to watch. I highly recommend watching his video series following the b...

Best Glue For Adhering PLA Parts Featuring Abuzz Designs

Lauren, over at the Abuzz Designs Youtube channel, has been working on an awesome, non-functional, gear table. The table involves the use of various gears that mesh together to create the legs of a table. Although not functional, the design will keep you staring for hours. Being Lauren’s design will be holding a large piece of glass, as well as whatever she decides to place on it, she needed to find a strong adhesive for her parts printed in PLA. Unlike ABS, she couldn’t simple solvent weld the parts using Acetone. So what did Lauren do? She went to the store and picked up various adhesives to give a try: Loctite Ultra Stick N’ Seal Ultra Yellow’s over time Oozes out of the tube Duco Model and Plastic Cement Easy to use and apply Very strong chemical glue smell Bond...

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